About Our Firm

Stephen Hampton began working with John Grady in his Dover, Delaware, law practice in 1986. Together they have represented many families, small businesses and individuals in state and federal courts.

We resolve most cases without the need to have a trial or even a hearing, but when necessary, we have successfully litigated cases in front of a jury, including a $3 million verdict against an electric utility company and a $1.2 million verdict by a jury in a medical malpractice case. In a non-jury arbitration involving stock broker fraud against an elderly client, we were able to obtain a $1,359,474.00 award. Even in cases that do not have as much money at stake, we strive to give each case our best effort to make sure that every client gets the best result.

We are able to handle most legal issues facing an individual or small business other than bankruptcy. There is no charge for a consultation in disability or negligence cases. Our hourly fees are very competitive and we strive to be efficient in all cases.

Over the years, we have been blessed by many referrals from former clients. We continue to encourage our clients to give our name and number to friends or relatives who may need legal help. Such referrals are truly what keep us in business.